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Teacher performance pay has become a hot topic throughout the country. Here in Florida, they are currently in the process of implementing a VAM Score (value added model) which will dictate the rating of the teachers.  It is one of the first things on Governor Rick Scott's agenda when he took office (after it was previously vetoed under Charlie Crist). 

Recently, Scott announced that he wanted to include money in the budget for a $2,500 pay raise across the board to all Florida teachers.  Florida does rank low nationally in average salary, but this comes after years of budget cuts and a mandatory 3% contribution to our retirement plans that was implemented this year.  Although teachers down here don't want to seem ungrateful for the raise, and every penny counts, but some are starting to question whether or not this is a political move by Scott. 

Here is an article which discusses this, as well as includes some other great links on the topic.

What are they doing in your states?  What are your thoughts on teacher performance pay?  Feel free to join the conversation with your comments.

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